Cali Paint Company was founded in 2007, but the beginnings of that business go back much farther. At age 12 Justin Kolacinski was introduced to the construction business when he started working for a family friend’s painting company. Most 12-year old boys do not dream of starting a business, but it didn't take long for this one to realize that painting was what he wanted to do. Justin honed his skills in his early teens, and learned every trick of the trade while helping his father build their house in Agua Dulce. During this time his desire to have his own painting company grew immensely, and at age 16 Justin took action. He decided to name the business “Cali Paint Co”. He hand drew the logo in his favorite colors (blue and yellow), had cards printed, and began his entrepreneurial journey.


The jobs were small at first, mostly for family friends and neighbors. But word of mouth spread quickly of the conscientious work put behind every brushstroke, and business increased. Justin then asked his twin brothers (Zach and Bryce) if they wanted to help out part-time and put a little extra money in their pockets. Being driven to be the best, Justin then took his career to the next level. He enrolled in contractors’ school and passed the state exam. He became a licensed painting contractor at the age of 19. Work became so steady that Bryce and Zach could see Justin needed more help, so they became full-time employees.

The twins helped to forge the framework of the business and set the standard of excellence. They learned each piece of equipment and all the product lines so they could help with every aspect of the work. With jobs increasing rapidly they would put in a full day at one site, move to unoccupied venues, and then work into the night on those buildings and structures. Justin then hired some close and trusted friends to make sure every project was brought in on time. Despite hard economic times, Cali Paint Co. continued to thrive. This was a direct result of their professional attitude, hard work, and the fine quality of the finished product. The bulk of this work was on residential dwellings. Justin’s drive pushed him to explore different avenues of business and seek new sources of revenue. He realized he desperately needed an account manager, and he had just the right person in mind.


Enter Richard Sears. Richard came with a solid resume, excellent people skills, and a vast list of collected connections. He is also the consummate team player having been an offensive line coach, strength trainer, and mentor for the football program at Hart High School, located in Santa Clarita where Richard has lived his entire life. Growing the business in geometric proportions, Richard was quickly named Vice President. This winning business relationship is strengthened by the fact that Richard is Justin’s uncle. With these new connections they have been able to expand their work to commercial structures and property management, while continuing to service residential buildings. Cali Paint Company recently landed a contract with the biggest movie studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley, and has had to increase their work force by over 100%. Justin is excited to see what the future holds for this company. He believes that when you surround yourself with good people; good things will happen. That is why Justin built the business on the foundation of family. His brothers Bryce and Zach were corner stones in the creation of the company. Their uncle Richard continues to expand the operations, and he is proud to work with the team they have assembled. Justin feels blessed by the success of Cali Paint Company and he appreciates the help and support he has been given by those closet to him.



bryce Kolacinski

Project Manager

zach kolacinski

Project Manager


Office Manager