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We currently provide painting services for Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Some of the vehicles we maintain are Harry Potter, Mummy, Jurassic Park & Goliath. Our services range from Fiberglass Repairs, Minor Touch-Ups to Full Repaints. 

Whether it’s for the movie studios or big name brands such as Samsung or Nickelodeon. We offer premium painting services using a variety of paints which allows us to personalize your needs and showcase your brand.

Our In-House facility enables us to provide a full range of powder coating services. Our services include part preparation, detailed masking and the proper application of desired coating. We offer a full range of powder types that are available in a variety of colors & textures.

We are experts with the application of various types of protective coatings including Epoxy & Polyurethane coatings. Whether it be industrial or marine equipment, we provide a coating that will best suit your environment and needs.

U-POL RAPTOR is a Tough Protective Coating.  The 2K polyurethane coating provides a protective barrier for most surfaces that withstand the toughest situations. RAPTOR provides a tough scratch and chemical resistant surface while protecting against rust and corrosion. This product will NOT color fade like most competitive coatings. Tintable bases are available.

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